Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California

Population: 48,142
Type of Requirement: Ordinance

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Contact Information

Physical Address:
Community and Economic Development
3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Main Contact:
Jennifer Henning, Public Arts & Special Projects Coordinator
Email Jennifer | 760.778.8408

Program Summary

The Code establishes that new, remodeling, or reconstruction commercial and industrial projects; new residential subdivisions or developments of two (2) or more units; and new individual single-family residential units on a lot in an existing subdivision with a valuation over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) are subject to a mandatory public art requirement. A project shall be considered a development of two (2) or more units, when two (2) or more building permits are issued to the same person for development of new residential structures within a one hundred eighty (180) day period.

Projects may satisfy the requirement by including public artwork on-site; donating artwork to the Public Arts Commission, on-site artwork valued at less than the required contribution, with the balance paid to the public arts fund; or payment of an in-lieu fee to the Public Arts Fund. Maintenance and conservation of on-site artwork will be the responsibility of the site owner.

The value of the artwork or contribution shall be as follows:

  • New, remodeling, or reconstruction commercial and industrial projects: one half percent (0.5%) of the valuation;
  • New residential subdivisions: one quarter percent (0.25%) of the valuation; and
  • New, individual, and single-family residential units: one quarter percent (0.25%) of the valuation in excess of ($100,000.00).
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Happiness (2021). By Diane Morgan. City of Palm Springs, CA, Collection. Courtesy: Diane Morgan