Public Art in New Haven Today

New Haven boasts a long history of public art, prior to the development of the CETA program through the present. Artworks around the City include a diverse variation of monuments, murals, free-standing sculpture, and architectural integrations as well as temporary artworks that may have been accessible to the public for only a short period of time.

Today, public art around the City is commissioned through a multitude of public and private entities, including the City of New Haven’s Office of Art, Culture & Tourism, Yale University, Site Projects, Inc., and Downtown New Haven’s Straight Up Art Program, to name just a few. While the Public Art Archive does not contain all of the artwork sited around the City, explore the hundreds of artworks the program has documented across these programs to discover the legacy of public art in New Haven prior to, during, and in the post-CETA era.

Explore an interactive map of public art around New Haven by clicking the map on your right.

Public Art in Highlights in New Haven