Florida’s Art in State Buildings program (ASB), established in 1979, continues to highlight local, national, and internationally recognized artists in its growing collection of diverse art. An amount of up to one-half of one percent (0.5%), not exceeding $100,000, of the state funds appropriated for a new building is set aside for the acquisition of public art for that facility.

The University of Florida’s Art in State Buildings program is a component of the state of Florida’s Art in State Buildings initiative. It is directed by UF’s Public Art Specialist and is overseen by the state’s cultural agency – the Division of Cultural Affairs.

UF’s Art in State Buildings program has a collection of over 170 works of art on campus which extends throughout the state. We are dedicated to expanding the importance of public participation, thoughtfully representing the public through artistic voices in our public spaces, as well as growing the state of Florida’s art collection, helping Florida to remain a national public art leader.

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