Reno Public Art

The City of Reno’s Public Art Program is housed in the City Manager’s Office and is overseen by the Reno Arts & Culture Commission, a citizen committee appointed by the City Council.

The City of Reno manages a collection of over 185 permanent as well as temporary works of art that are placed throughout the city. Reno’s public art collection is curated to include examples of many different genres and styles from representational to abstract and a variety of materials which provide our citizens and visitors with a diverse collection. From bronze to wood, ceramic to steel, the collection as a whole has substance and is of the highest possible quality in terms of craft and engages our citizenry. Knowing that not everyone will connect with all pieces in the collection, we are confident you’ll find something here to love. We hope that by providing the context for the collection, even if you don’t like a specific piece you’ll understand the artist’s intention.

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Burning Man Public Art Collection in Reno

The City of Reno houses a number of artworks originally created for Burning Man.











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