South Gate, California

South Gate, California

Population: 95,430
Type of Requirement: Ordinance

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Physical Address:
Community Development Department
8650 California Avenue
South Gate, CA 90280

Main Contact:

Joe Perez, Community Development Director
Email Joe | 323.563.9566

Program Summary

The Code establishes that all new private development projects with a construction value equal to or exceeding five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00); and all remodeling, including exterior and interior modifications and additions, with a construction value equal to or exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00), excluding earthquake rehabilitation, are subject to a mandatory public art requirement. The following projects are excluded from the requirement:

  • Buildings that are designed and continuously maintained for performing arts, library, gallery, or museum uses, as long as the uses are maintained. Conversion of the building or use of the land for other purposes shall result in the property owner being subject to the ordinance requirements;
  • Residential development of four or less units; and
  • The value of all residential units in a project that are covenanted for low-income households for a period of twenty or more years, moderate-income households, or for older adults. Contribution of fees to the art in public places program shall not be required upon expiration of the low-income covenant.

Projects may satisfy the requirement by installing an approved artwork, subject to the guidelines of this chapter and approval by the arts commit- tee, with a minimum value of one percent (1%) of the building valuation. Maintenance and conservation of the artwork will be the responsibility of the developer. Alternatively, developers may pay an in-lieu fee to the city art fund of an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the total building valuation. Developers may also install an approved artwork with a value less than one percent (1%) of the total building valuation, and pay the difference to the city art fund.

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Untitled (1973). By Joseph Young. Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Courtesy: Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Arts Collection

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