Santa Fe Springs, California

Santa Fe Springs, California

Population: 17,980
Type of Requirement: Ordinance

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Contact Information

Physical Address:
Heritage Arts in Public Places Program
11710 Telegraph Road
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Main Contact:
Ed Ramirez, Executive Secretary to the Heritage Arts Advisory Committee
Email Ed | 562.692.0261

Program Summary

The Code establishes that new residential, commercial, or industrial development with total project costs of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) or more; and projects expanding, remodeling, or performing tenant improvements to existing buildings with a building permit valuation of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) or more are subject to a mandatory public art requirement.

The following projects are excluded from the requirement:

  • Reconstruction of structures which have been damaged by fire, flood, wind, earthquake, or other calamity; and
  • Facilities dedicated to exclusive use by a formally constituted non-profit organization providing religious or cultural activities (i.e., museums, theaters, and performing arts centers) available to a broad public.

Projects can satisfy the requirement by installing artwork in a public place on the project site or elsewhere, pursuant to approval by the City Council; the value of which is at least one percent (1%) of the total project costs. Maintenance and conservation of the artwork will be the responsibility of the developer and their successors. Alternatively, developers may satisfy the requirement by contributing an in-lieu fee to the Heritage Artwork in Public Places Fund of an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the total project costs.

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Springstar (2004). By Ed Carpenter. Golden Springs Development Company Collection. Courtesy: Ed Carpenter