Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska

Population: 466,893
Type of Requirement: Zoning Ordinance

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Contact Information

Physical Address:
Planning Department
1819 Farnam Street, Suite 1100
Omaha, NE 68183

Main Contact:
David Fanslau, Planning Director
Email David | 402.444.5150

Program Summary

The Code establishes that all developments in Mixed-use Districts, as defined in § 55-561, are subject to a mandatory public art requirement. Projects subject to the ordinance must provide at least one location where buildings are grouped together to form a distinctive space and focal point for public access and pedestrian activity. Either contained within the space or immediately adjacent to it shall be an area suitable for community gatherings that is to include decorative lighting and paving patterns (brick, stone, or colored patterned concrete), landscaping, and seating areas (a portion of which shall be shaded through the use of tree cover or permanent structure(s) such as a trellis or canopy). In addition, either a water feature (such as a fountain), sculpture, or other artwork shall be created in this space. The Planning Director must consult with the Public Art Commission before any sculpture or artwork is approved.

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Dance of the Cranes (1987). By John Raimondi. Omaha Airport Authority Collection. Courtesy: John Raimondi