Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, California

Population: 23,147
Type of Requirement: Ordinance

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Contact Information

Physical Address:
Cultural Arts
505 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Main Contact:
Sian Poeschl, Cultural Arts Manager
Email Sian | 949.497.0722

Program Summary

The Code establishes that all new commercial and industrial developments; residential developments of more than four (4) lots or units; and remodeling, repair, or reconstruction of buildings in those categories where the value exceeds two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars ($225,000.00) are subject to a mandatory public art requirement. The following projects are excluded from the requirement:

  • Remodeling, repair, or reconstruction of structures damaged by fire, flood, wind, earthquake, or other calamity;

  • Construction, remodel, repair, or reconstruction of low-income housing;

  • Construction, remodel, repair, or reconstructing of structures to be occupied by a nonprofit, social service agency or institution;

  • Street or sidewalk repairs; and

  • Tree planting.

Projects may satisfy the requirement by acquiring and installing an artwork on or in the vicinity of the project site, the value of which is at least one percent (1%) of the total project valuation. Alternatively, developers may pay an in-lieu fee equal to one and one quarter of a percent (1.25%) of the total project valuation to the Art in Public Places fund. The fee shall be paid at the time of final subdivision map approval or issuance of a certificate of occupancy, as applicable. Project applicants shall indicate on their art in public places application that they wish to make an in-lieu contribution.

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The Love that Binds (2016). By Rude Calderón. Laguna Beach Arts Commission Collection. Courtesy: Rude CalderónThe Love that Binds (2016). By Rude Calderón. Laguna Beach Arts Commission Collection. Courtesy: Rude Calderón