Map your public art collection with the Public Art Archive.

Make your public art collection available on an interactive map.

It's as simple as submitting your data to the Public Art Archive.

Encourage users to navigate to particular works of art.

Map will populate with collection data included in the Public Art Archive.

Discover artwork details.

Each record displays information about artwork and a map to the location.

Direct audiences to your collection.

Collection maps can be hosted on the Public Art Archive site or embedded into external websites.

Update collection details easily.

Make edits and additions to your collection map for no additional fee.

Low-cost annual fee.

Public art collections must be part of the Public Art Archive database to be eligible for a collection map. If you are unsure if your artwork collection is already included, visit our Search & Explore page and search by collection or contact us.

Looking for more? The Public Art Archive offers a Collection Showcase feature in addition to Collection Management Systems for public art organizations.